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Munch Cupboard Offers Silicone Cups With Straws

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

When you can't trust your child with breakable cups, a baby silicone sippy cup that's made for portability and convenience is a good idea. Pediatricians recommend transitioning your child from a bottle to a toddler cup between the ages of 12 and 24 months, regardless of whether you plan to continue nursing into the toddler years. Your baby's facial muscles, tongue, and soft palate are all tied to speaking and feeding; therefore, it's important to encourage them to use a toddler cup instead of a bottle.

Which sippy cups are ideal for infants?

We suggest two main types of baby sippy cups: open cups and straw-equipped cups. When it comes to helping babies practice their oral motor skills, both open cups and straw cups are useful tools.

Silicone cups with straws

Babies should use straw cups or any sippy cup with a straw. In addition, six months is a good time to introduce babies to straw cups. However, don't assume that your infant will master using a straw immediately. Why is it important to try out cups with straws? A baby can improve their lip seal, tongue retraction, cheek strength, optimal jaw alignment, and suck-swallow-breathe coordination by practicing with a straw.

How to introduce your infant to a straw cup

Fill the straw with your child's preferred liquid (water or breast milk), pinch off the end with your finger, and place it in their mouth. Let them bring the straw to their mouth under your supervision if they show interest (by, for example, opening their mouth wider). Watch each other and see who can get the liquid closest to their lips. (It helps a lot if you use a short straw!)

Features of Baby Silicone with Straw

  • Silicone cups with straw come in a variety of cute colors, has a simple design that's perfect for little hands, and hold exactly the proper amount of food for toddlers and preschoolers to eat at once.

  • The airflow in the straw is optimized to lessen the amount of suction required to pull liquids, making it suitable for use by children.

  • The silicone used in the Baby silicone cup with straw is of the highest quality. Non-plastic, non-BPA, and non-toxic. Nothing in the collection contains any of the toxic chemicals known as bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates (PVC), lead (Pb), or styrene (PS).

  • Its material makes it easy to clean.

  • It is freezing safe.

  • These silicone cups have the ability to withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius; boil to sterilize if necessary.

In between using cups with straws, another item you can introduce to your baby is baby pacifier clips. Baby pacifier clips are a piece of fabric or a string of beads used to keep a child's pacifier from slipping out of their mouth and onto the floor.

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